Chicken with Avocado Pesto Sauce

chicken-avocado-pesto-sauce-02-smallHubby’s lunch today was steamed veggies with this chicken recipe from Fit to Blog.  I amended the recipe slightly by omitting thyme in favor of garlic powder in the coconut breading.  Only because I forgot the exact ingredients and was too lazy to go look up the recipe again.  The real star of this recipe, however, is the avocado sauce, which originated over at Oh She Glows as a pasta sauce.  I wasn’t really sure about mixing avocado into what was kind of a pesto-y type of sauce, but I went with it, and oh, my! This sauce is garlicky, basily, saucy, hella good.

For my own lunch, I’ve just splooshed some of the sauce over some sliced leftover chicken breast. Layered on a salad of mixed baby greens, and we’re gold!  Man, this sauce was beautiful and creamy, but I thought it was a bit thick and added some more oil and lemon juice at the end, and it broke. 😦 Ah, well, them’s the breaks when you don’t follow recipes correctly.  Anybody who knows me knows I rarely prepare a recipe exactly as written.  Needless to say, I am not a baker!

chicken-avocado-pesto-sauce-01A quick update on the Ulcerative Colitis situation.  [Insert TMI warning here!] Last night I asked Dear Hubby how his tum tum has been doing.  His usual answer is “ok” which is maddening for me because I want details.  What does “ok” mean?  Anyway, I asked him a more direct question, “Are you still going poop a million times a day?” and, Hallelujah!  He said he’s only been pooping once per day for the last few days.  One of the main (and most debilitating) symptoms of UC is having the urge to go all the time, so this is big news.  Can Paleo/AIP eating make a difference in such a short time?  Looks that way!

In other news, I received my kombucha scoby in the mail yesterday, and am planning to get a batch started today.  Will keep y’all updated on how that goes.


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